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Shaun A Moore - The Man, The Myth, The Writer
Hi, I'm Shaun Moore, and this site is here to document my quest for getting published. I'll keep a running tally on the right here of all the query letters I've sent out and what the status is.

Currently I'm working on selling my first novel, an apocalyptic fictional piece called The Plastic Room. You can find more information on that on my writing site.

My Writing
"Writing is not yet my occupation, it is currently my preoccupation."

What I do is simple and fun. I basically get to create multiple worlds of lies. While some would insist that they are not lies, I assure you that they are. Or maybe I'm just lying.

My writing has been called extreme, and I do not shy away from pushing the limits. As Kingsley Amis says, ?If you can't annoy somebody with what you write, I think there's little point in writing.? But I always try to keep a bit of reality in it. So check out some samples, and escape to a world that is closer than you think...

I've gotten a fair number of rejection letters, though I only sent out a batch of 25 to begin with. My plan if all of these fail is to go to some writing conferences and try to network a bit.

"Nothing can stop me now, cause I don?t care anymore"
? Nine Inch Nails, Piggy
"All Hell can?t stop us now"
? Rage Against the Machine, Guerilla Radio
"I will stop at nothing just to get what I want"
? Kaiser Chiefs, Modern Way

Trent Reznor?s words have never been more true to me than they are now. Because at this point, nothing can stop me now, cause I don?t care anymore. I?m going to get this book published, even though God certainly doesn?t seem to want me to. I will stop at nothing. All hell can?t stop me now.

Quest for Getting Published
Total Queries Sent: 25
- Total Rejected: 15

Total Remaining: 10
I sent out my first query letter on January 15, 2006.

To date, I've been trying to get published for 148 months (That's 644 weeks or 4512 days).